Colección: martina chavez

Martina’s work is mainly inspired by the sea, growing up so close to the ocean and nature has been a significant factor in inspiring her to raise awareness in her community about the importance of taking care of the planet. As we are currently living in critical times, she has integrated upcycling into her life as a habit and therefore has become an extension of her art techniques. She achieves this by rescuing objects and repurposing them, utilizing resources and waste, and relying on biodegradable or recycled materials.

She considers this practice to be essential in reducing the need for new raw materials to create new pieces of art. This not only stimulates her creativity further but also enables her to put her manual work into practice

“There is a need in me to explore and combine all these techniques and creativity to create beautiful things. I love that. However, what I love the most is being surprised by the results and discovering what I am capable of creating.”