Collection: Chris MacClure

Chris MacClure is a Romantic Realist and from White Rock, BC when not on tour. He is constantly looking for that authentic gesture or moment in everything and incorporates the resulting imagery and symbolism into his art to reflect his own unique expression. Subjects range from the famous Hotel California, in Todos Santos to a monk arranging flowers in a monastery in Hong Kong.

Born into an artistic family, and educated in top Canadian schools of art, his over 40 years of traveling the world have produced works that can be seen in notable galleries and collections including John Travolta, Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Pepsi and Ford Motor companies as well as in exhibitions across Canada, the US, Hong Kong and Mexico.

He is the founder of "International Artist Day", a special day held worldwide each Oct 25th to honor all artists ( In baja he was one of the founding members of the Golden Cactus Gallery in 1997, and now features his art work at The Old Town Gallery.