Our mission is to create a dynamic platform that bridges between the charm of tradition and the excitement of a fresh contemporary spirit. We will host all over the world creators, offering a launching pad for local talents, a dedicated space for Mexican artists and a global showcase for contemporary art.


We desire to be more than just a place to see art, our vision is to be a transformative force where art comes alive, ignites imagination, provokes thought, sparks conversation and connects with diverse audiences through the universal language of art.

We aim to foster a worldwide gateway to creativity right here in San Jose del Cabo that will not only celebrate and nurture the arts but also elevate the profile of Baja California Peninsula as a focal point for artistic exploration.


Fueled by the conviction that art holds the power to transform lives, places, and emotions, we strive to forge a strong hub that mirrors its enduring nature. Motivated by this we curate a collection that amplifies the diverse voices of artists who contribute to the timeless language of art by challenging boundaries, reshaping perspectives and keeping the pace of the ongoing discourse of creativity.